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– precision shape, no flickering;
– LOD friendly, no dirstortion at distance;
– ANY regular texture compatible, uses multiface mesh technology;
– shine-resistant, ideal metal reflective as at regular prims;
– ready for personal use.

Thank you for yours carefully reading notecard and yours personal license of using.
This is FINAL PRODUCT, not full perm item.

Package includes:
– 1 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 1 LI steampunk working space w touch door;
– 1 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 1 LI steampunk working space w collision door;
– read me;
*You may see item no modify in inventory, it is normal way SL shows complete permissions of object. Just inside is no modify script, that is why, When you rez it. you will see it full modify.

Another result of experiments with ultralow prim buildings. This is 1 LI (1 prim takes from yours land) build with 2 prims. It stays 1 LI (1 prim from land, without any temporary rezzers) even at biggest possible size 64 x 64 x 64 without any distortion or loosing details on distance. You can resize it to fit smallest parcel in SL to use.
Formally it is very simple mesh carcase of house. Steampunk theme just comes in head cause I found few textured suited it. To customize you may use ANY texture (no need any maps, UV etc) you have or will have in inventory.
1 prim is full house you see on picture it cost 0.75 LI at any size up to 64 x 64 x 64 (by default is 24 x 12 x 8). Mesh contains built-in physics model. so you can walk inside, not pass walls, and can walk under roof (can replace truss with solid texture you will have second floor. Although that area has no entrance you may use any default SL way to teleport there. In my viewer double click allows to teleport where I clicked cursor).
2nd prim is just regular cube uses as slide door.
You can stay inside, closing door makes house complete closed.
It has no any alpha bug problems.

How to:
Door works on touch. It slides right / left and closes entrance. Only owner can open close it.
There are no any adjustments for it (script calculates y axis of door self if it resized and slides on full length of door. think this auto adjustment more then enough ). You may use any other door and any other door script.
Door added at last moment.

This it is multiface mesh means you can separate texture each part of it. Walls, windows, roof, second floor truss.
When applying any texture containing alpha layer you need to set from default alpha blending to alpha masking. This fixes any possible alpha bug problem.

– There are no support for customization, sorry, It requires basic buildings skills that far better explained in numerous youtube videos about, There are free building groups inside SL that much better use English. One of such groups is biggest community Builders Brewery. Feel free to join and take free lessons.
– There are no any privacy controls in house, It is useless to add such things in prims as in SL you can legally pass any door or wall as well as use cam to distance view, Please use yours parcel settings to set a privacy, or purchase so named „Security orb“ that will control area of yours parcel scanning for intruders and push them home if they not in welcome lists. Market has many stores specialize on such things.

Wish nice Second Life.
yours NEKKA (Silk Aeon)


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