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.:: SINTIMACY ::.. – Latex Clubwear Clothing / Skins / Body Oil

– Outfit in Black & Red
– Underwear
– Appliers for OMEGA Applier System
– Appliers for Slink Mesh Body
– Appliers for Maitreya Mesh Body
– Installer for „The Mesh Project“ Mesh Body


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Diese Halskette wurde in liebevoller Handarbeit aus hochwertigen Texturen und Skulpties von Rhana Sands gefertigt. Die Lieferung erfolgt mit „Copy“ Berechtigung in einer Box, eine „Transfer“ Version ist in meinem Laden erhältlich.

~ Aufwendig gestaltete Glanztexturen
~ Hochqualitative Skulpties
~ Alle Skripte (z.B. Resizer) sind low-lag
~ Zum schnellen Ausrichten inklusive !! NE! Adjust-HUD (Posestand war gestern)


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Are you tired of camming around searching for that Intan dance menu thingy? Or the huge HUD display covering half your screen with functions you dont need?

The Mintan is a tiny HUD with only the 2 or 3 buttons you need. Now you can zoom in on your honey again without huge ugly useless HUD displays cluttering up your screen.

The Mintan comes in two versions:

1. User – for users of Intan dances in most places. Two buttons allow you to Get Menu and Resync.

User Directions: first rez the danceballs from the regular Intan ball rezzer. After the balls have rezzed and you are dancing you can then use the Mintan HUD to access the menu or resync.

2. Owner – for Intan owners. Three buttons allow you to Rez danceballs, Get Menu and Resync.

Owner Directions: Intan owners can rez the dancballs directly from the Mintan HUD.

Fully copyable and transferrable – give them away in clubs, share with your friends. Make everyone’s Intan dancing experience a little smoother.

NOTE: Not sure if the Mintan works in no script areas, but if you wear it before you TP you’ll have more luck. Its free so direct your complaints to someone who cares 🙂


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